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Transport is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, a quarter of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions come from road transport. The Climate Change Act 2008 legally obliges the UK to cut its greenhouse gas – predominantly CO2 – emissions by 80% by 2050 (compared to 1990 levels).

BVRLA members operate the cleanest and safest vehicles on UK roads. The vehicle rental and leasing sector provides affordable and accessible mobility to millions of people, and along with car clubs, has a large market impact. The BVRLA believes that the government should give all forms of vehicle acquisition equal consideration when it comes to developing a sustainable and integrated transport policy.

Research conducted by TRL shows how car rental can help people own fewer cars and adopt more sustainable travel habits. A summary of some of the key findings can be downloaded here.

Related Policy Updates

Related Consultation Responses

Response Title Response Document

Alternative-fuelled vans consultation

BVRLA response supporting regulatory changes to increase the take up of alternative-fuelled vans
PDF icon alternative_fuelled_vans_consultation_response.pdf

Carbon Auditing Schemes

The BVRLA has called for rental and leasing companies to be able to carry out audits on fleets under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.
PDF icon carbon_auditing_bvrla_response_1013.pdf

Clean Air Zone Framework for Wales

The BVRLA is calling to ensure operators of Commercial Vehicles (HGVs and LCVs) are considered when devising the standards of a resulting CAZ.
PDF icon Clean Air Zone Framework for Wales

Draft Air Quality Strategy 2018 Consultation Response

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has issued a consultation on its Draft Air Quality Strategy 2018. The BVRLA has submitted a response which reminds the government that to achieve its ambitious and vitally important air improvement targets a holistic approach towards pollution reduction must be taken. The association has reiterated its calls for further infrastructure investment, a more supportive tax regime and greater incentives for manufacturers, which taken together could help encourage greater take up of greener, electric and hybrid vehicles. The BVRLA response also urges a pragmatic, solutions focused approach to the implementation of Clean Air Zones to ensure air quality benefits are realised without unnecessarily penalising businesses and the local economy. The full government consultation is available in full at the gov.uk website.
PDF icon bvrla_response_-_air_quality_consultation_08.2018.pdf

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting

Greenhouse Gas Emission reporting for companies - Response on the draft regulations to make it compulsory for companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis
PDF icon Greenhouse gas emission reporting regulations

joint select committee inquiry into improving air quality

BVRLA's calls to help improve air quality
PDF icon bvrla_submission_-_joint_select_committee_inquiry.pdf

London - Ultra-Low Emission Zone

The BVRLA's position on Transport for London's proposal to create an Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London.
PDF icon BVRLA Consultation - London ULEZ

OLEV Call for Evidence on Support ULEVs

BVRLA response to the call for evidence on Government measures to support uptake of ultra low emission vehicles from 2015-2020
PDF icon olev_call_for_evidence_bvrla_response_final.pdf

Tyre labeling enforcement regulation bvrla response

BVRLA's response to DfT on tyre labeling and its calls for information to passed to customers on invoices
PDF icon tyre_labelling_consultation_on_enforcement_bvrla_response.pdf