BVRLA calls for action on mileage clocking

The BVRLA has urged the Government to regulate vehicle mileage adjustment companies.

Responding to the Department for Transport’s Odometer Fraud consultation, the association has suggested that operators working in this field must be required to register with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and sign up to a set of minimum standards. This would include making it an offence to change the vehicle mileage without obtaining permission from legal owner of the vehicle.

BVRLA calls on FCA to investigate rental insurance market

The BVRLA is urging the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to widen its market study into retail motor insurance pricing to include self-drive hire premiums.

The FCA’s study is part of a wider investigation into retail general insurance, aimed at ensuring competitive and fair prices for consumers. The BVRLA is arguing that SMEs are equally as vulnerable as consumers, and small rental companies in particular are bearing the brunt of some big increases in self-drive hire rental insurance.

Industry and Parliamentarians unite in calls for tax change

A cross-party group of 42 Parliamentarians have today countersigned a letter from Neil Parish MP, calling upon the Chancellor to use this upcoming Budget to stimulate the uptake of electric vehicles.
This comes only days after the BVRLA, along with other leading transport, business and environmental organisations submitted a joint letter to the Chancellor making a pre-Budget plea for tax incentives to drive the uptake of electric vehicles.

Industry united in disapproval of government’s plug-in grant cuts

The Department for Transport’s decision to scrap the Plug in Car Grant for hybrids and reduce it by £1000 for pure electric models has been met with widespread dismay across the automotive industry.

Commenting on the announcement, which will take effect from November 9th, BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: “The Government’s decision to cut the plug-in grant just months after launching the Road to Zero strategy is unbelievably short-sighted and will only serve to stifle the uptake of electric vehicles.

The Economic Impact of the Motor Vehicle Leasing and Rental Sector

The motor vehicle leasing and rental industry accounts for more than one in every seven vehicles on the UK’s roads, solving transport issues for businesses and individuals alike.

The opportunity to lease and rent vehicles offers firms and households access to modern, fuel-efficient vehicles without the strain of upfront capital expenditure. But beyond the benefits enjoyed by its customers, the industry also contributes a huge amount to the national economy, as outlined in this report.



BVRLA Position Papers summarise policy asks

The BVRLA has produced a set of Position Papers to provide an at-a-glance overview of the association’s view and desired intentions on a range of priority issues including Air Quality, Motor Finance, Taxation and Vehicle Terrorism.

These one-page documents contain a brief summary of the issue and make clear what we are asking of policymakers on behalf of the sector.

They also include ‘Top 5 key messages’ and some suggestions of how members can help to support our activities as we work to protect the interests of the vehicle rental and leasing sectors.


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