Working with the BVRLA

There are many opportunities to work with the BVRLA, either in membership, in partnership or in collaboration with the association - you may even do all three.

The association's Brand Partnership Opportunities also provide a variety of options to get involved as an advertiser, sponsor or thought leadership partner.

Other opportunities to work more closely with the BVRLA include:

Committee representation

Members have the opportunity to become a participant in one or more of the associations committees and working groups. 

Meeting quarterly, Committee members consist of representatives from small and medium-sized businesses as well as larger organisations and multinations. Having representation from across all membership categories ensures that the BVRLA is kept informed of what issues matter most to members, and can collectively agree on a course of action.

There are currently seven Committees, including the Committee of Management (the board), the Rental Committee, Commercial Vehicle Committee, Leasing & Fleet Management Committee, Leasing Broker Committee, Technical & Operational Management Committee and the Residual Value & Remarketing Committee.

Lobbying collaboration

The BVRLA actively lobbies government to ensure that the views of the vehicle rental, leasing and fleet sectors are heard by policymakers who are making decisions that have an impact on the industry.

Working with members, other trade associations, media and other industry organisations, the association works collaboratively with others to strengthen the voice of the industry.

To find out more about opportunities to get involved with the association's lobbying activities, contact Director of Communications and External Affairs, Toby Poston.

Networking opportunities

The BVRLA hosts a wide range of opportunities for members to meet with industry colleagues both at formal business events and social gatherings. 

The BVRLA Annual Dinner hosted at the London Hilton, Park Lane, remains the industry's most illustrious event in the social calendar, attracting around 1,000 guests every year. 

Find out more about the BVRLA's networking opportunities, contact BVRLA Events Manager, Fran Hampson.

Professional development

The BVRLA prides itself on driving industry standards and by delivering a range of professional development activities the association aims to promote a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging industry colleagues to develop skills, knowledge and capabilities across their organisations.

From new starters to senior business leaders, keeping abreast of the latest thinking, newest technologies and most recent developments affecting the industry, will not only enhance personal effectiveness but also business and industry performance.

To find out more about the association's qualifications, classroom-based training courses or e-learning packages, email

To find out more about BVRLA forums, seminars and conferences, contact

Research collaboration

During 2018 the BVRLA carried out more research projects than ever before, collating more data and developing deeper industry insights to strengthen the association's evidence-based lobbying.

Members make a valuable contribution by responding to surveys and providing data on their fleets. Research results are always published in an aggregated form to provide an industry perspective.

Specialist research agencies work with the BVRLA to carry out independent analysis on a range of projects.

To find out more about collaborating with the BVRLA on research projects, contact BVRLA Research & Insight Manager, Phil Garthside

Speaking opportunities

The BVRLA provides a series of unique opportunities for partners, policymakers, parliamentarians and others wanting to address industry leaders from across the vehicle rental, leasing and fleet sectors. 

The association's annual conferences provide the perfect platform for speakers to address BVRLA members and other industry colleagues and media commentators.

To find out more about the speaking opportunities at BVRLA events, email

Working groups

Working Groups are established to focus on a particular issue and are attended by specialists from across a range of member organisations who can provide expertise in that field. There are currently a number of working groups including:

Brexit Taskforce Contact: BVRLA Director of Corporate Affairs, Toby Poston 

Compliance Working Group Contact: BVRLA Director of Fleet Services, Amanda Brandon 

Connected Vehicle & Data Working Group Contact: BVRLA Senior Policy Advisor, Catherine Bowen

Customer Service Working Group Contact: BVRLA Director of Fleet Services, Amanda Brandon 

Electric Vehicles Working Group Contact: BVRLA Senior Policy Advisor, Catherine Bowen  

Fleet Operator Working Group Contact: BVRLA Senior Policy Advisor, Catherine Bowen

Future Mobility Working Group Contact: BVRLA Senior Policy Advisor, Catherine Bowen

Parking Working Group Contact: BVRLA Senior Policy Advisor, Catherine Bowen 

Public Affairs Working Group Contact: Director of Corporate Affairs, Toby Poston 

Tax Advisory Group Contact: BVRLA Senior Policy Advisor, Thomas McLennan