Personal Effectiveness Package

This package will give your learners a better understanding of the different skills required to become more effective in their roles. Modules cover a range of personal skills such as communicating in its different forms and interpersonal skills such as influencing and handling difficult customers. Learners can undertake training at times that are convenient to their work schedules and can be fitted in to any periods of down time. A perfect complement to your induction processes.

Suitable for:

These generic modules are suitable for all members of staff who would find it difficult to take time away from the office. They are particularly suitable for staff who need to build their confidence within their role and develop their ability to build effective relationships.

Learning objectives:

At the end of this course, you will gain a better understanding of; how to manage your time, how to communicate effectively using different communication methods and how to build and develop your personal relationships and your relationship with your customers.


10 modules delivering a total of 6 to 8 hours of learning. These generic modules are not tailored to the industry.



£160.00 + VAT per learner for an annual subscription. Includes an on-line assessment and a Certificate of Completion for each module.


Acting Professionally

Find out what it means to act professionally and why this is so important. You will explore some of the core tenets of acting professionally, so that will be able to recognise professional behaviour. You will also gain an understanding of the tips and techniques that can help guide you in specific scenarios.

Business Writing

Find out why good writing is an important business skill and how you can use it to achieve results. Understand how to plan and prepare an effective written report and how to use the appropriate skills and techniques identified to ensure success. Appreciate what action to take when your writing is complete.

Data Protection (GDPR) Effectiveness

Learn about what personal data is, why we need to protect data, and how you can comply with our new Data Protection Policy and procedures, which have been updated for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Recognise how your company complies with the GDPR.

Electronic Communications

Understand the dynamics of electronic communications and find out how to use electronic communications effectively. Explore some of the rules and techniques to adopt when using email, chat and social media so that your communications are professional. This course starts with a case scenario, which you'll come back to at the end to apply what you've learnt.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn about emotional intelligence - what it is, why it’s important and what you can do with it. Examine the five components of emotional intelligence and look at some of the methods and techniques for measuring emotional intelligence. Explore some of the emotional competencies to improve your performance as a leader.

Handling Angry Customers

Find out how to handle angry customers more effectively. You'll consider the main reasons why customers get angry and how to avoid making the situation worse. You will also explore some of the tips and techniques you can use to reduce the intensity of customer anger and what steps to take to resolve the situation. 

Influencing & Motivating Others

Learn how to gain influence as a leader, find out how to develop your credibility and authenticity as a leader, and learn more about team formation, motivation, creating a vision and strategic thinking. Distinguish between the five levels of leadership and identify the different pathways to these roles.

Presentations that Impress

Gain an understanding of how to make your presentations more effective and impressive. Learn how to structure your presentations, improve your delivery and engage the audience to get the desired results. You will also have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the context of a case scenario.


Find out how to conduct a self-appraisal and explore some of the techniques you can use when assessing your performance. Recognise the benefits and challenges in self-appraisal and understand how to take the results of your self-appraisal and be able to turn them into actions.

Time Management

Learn why time management is so important in business and explore some of the techniques for managing your time more effectively. Understand how to use the urgent/important matrix. The course will start with a case scenario, and you'll come back to it at the end to apply the techniques you've learnt.