Technical and Operational Management Forum - May 2019

An opportunity to stimulate debate and discussion on issues relating to vehicle service and repair, as well vehicle and contract administration.

The forum embraces many of the operational aspects of a rental and leasing company’s business such as vehicle ordering, purchasing, specification, licensing and recalls. The forum exists to encourage discussion and debate issues surrounding vehicle service, maintenance and repair, helping to ensure driver and pedestrian safety because inadequate or poor maintenance routines can significantly impact a vehicle’s driving performance and increase the level of risk for clients.

Booking Information

Attendance at the TOM forums in 2019 requires a subscription of £310+VAT. This entitles BVRLA members to send two representatives to each of the three forums in 2019. Click here for further information or email

Dave Tanner

Chairman of the Technical and Operational Management (TOM) Committee, BVRLA

Dave became the Chairman of the Techincal and Operational Magagement (TOM) Committee in January 2017.