Residual Value and Remarketing RVR Forum - June 2022

BVRLA forums guarantee lively discussion, debate, and the opportunity to network with like-minded peers. The forum will be back to an ‘in-person’ format for the June date and will continue to provide a unique opportunity to discuss the issues that are impacting your businesses and see how others are dealing with them.

The June RVR Forum, taking place at Aston Barclay, Wakefield will have a focus on the trends being seen in the used car and van markets, across both late plate and 3/4-year-old vehicles - with views from auction houses and guides. 

Geoff Grindle, Head of Asset Valuation and Pricing, Arval BNP Paribas Group and RVR Committee Chairman, will chair the event, which will close with a networking lunch for delegates to catch up with fellow professionals and share their experiences.

Session One: A view from an auction house

Martin Potter and Duncan Ward from Aston Barclay will give delegates an overview of where the market currently is, what the next six months are likely to hold, and how the landscape between physical and online auctions is changing.

Session Two: A view from a data provider

Dylan Setterfield from cap hpi will present projections and trends relating to 3/4-year-old vehicles, as well as the impact of supply of ICE vehicles reducing. Dylan will close by considering how markets are diversifying, and what products need to be developed in response.

Session Three: A view on used EVs

Autotrader's Ed Hummel will take delegates through the market for used EVs, considering how volumes are changing and prices are evolving as a result. Ed will also share projections for the market and the long-term health of used BEVs in the UK.

Session Four: TBC

More details to follow

Attendance at the forums requires a yearly subscription, which entitles BVRLA members to send up to two representatives to each of the three RVR forums throughout 2022. Members are encouraged to confirm their spot at the June forum – along with any dietary requirements – by emailing 

If you are not subscribed but interested in attending, contact