Fleets in Charge Conference 2022

In person, live in London on Thursday 7 July 2022.

10am - 5pm


BVRLA Member (In Person) Ticket


Non - Member (In Person) Ticket



The Conference will showcase the vital role our industry has to play in delivering the government’s ambitious targets for zero emission take up. It will give a voice to a diverse range of different fleet operators and mobility providers – highlighting their concerns and ambitions. We will discuss themes of EV demand, supply and infrastructure, with particular focus on what lessons can be learnt from early adopters and what additional measures are needed to help other sectors to catch up.


This year’s conference will offer dedicated sessions assessing the status of EV demand, supply and infrastructure. It will also explore how electrification is changing business models and operating environments across the fleet industry. 

The fast expanding used EV market will also be explored and a spotlight will be put on the top tech innovations which will shake up the industry.

We'll be hearing from Government about the latest announcements and plans for encouraging the shift to zero emission motoring in the UK.


10.30 - 12.30 

“Decarbonising the Fleet Sector” with the BVRLA 

“The Government View” with address from Trudy Harrison MP followed by Q&A

“The Journey to Zero Emission Fleets” spanning demand, supply and infrastructure 


13.30 - 17.00 

Breakout: “New Business Models and how they work” 

Breakout: “Carbon Accounting & the ESG Agenda” 

Breakout: “Innovation Zone & What’s Next?”  

Breakout: “Second Life & Beyond” 

Networking drinks reception