Tax Disc Abolition Guidance

What is changing?

In 2013, the Government announced that it planned to change the law to reduce tax administration costs and burdens associated with vehicle taxation. As a result, from 1 October 2014, the paper tax disc will no longer be issued and thereby removes the legal requirement to display a valid tax disc.

Registered keepers will still be required to purchase vehicle excise duty (VED). DVLA and the Police will continue to check compliance by using the vehicle database. Most on-road enforcement action is now based on using Automatic Number Plate Readers (ANPR). Use of ANPR cameras has proven to be an effective way to check compliance, especially when compared to visual roadside inspection of the tax disc. The latest figure supports this with over 99% of motorists taxing their vehicles on time.

The BVRLA has been campaigning for a number of years for the tax disc to be abolished, as its removal secures cost savings of over £10 million per annum for members. DVLA estimates that it will also make a saving of around £7 million by not having to print and post millions of tax discs each year.

BVRLA Guidance

The BVRLA has produced, with DVLA’s assistance, guidance and frequently asked questions on what the abolition of the tax disc will mean for members. It can be accessed here.

Communicating with customers

DVLA will be using its own communication channels to increase public awareness of this important change. Just one example is putting a message within the vehicle tax mailing that’s issued to every vehicle keeper. DVLA is also keen to work in partnership with stakeholders such as the BVRLA, rental and leasing companies and motor traders by asking you do the same to help pass messages on to your customers.

The BVRLA has produced two PDFs, which have approval from DVLA, and can be used by rental and leasing companies to alert customers that there may not be tax disc in the vehicle. The rental version is available here and the leasing version is available here.

In addition, DVLA have produced their own adverts and FAQ document for customers which members can use to communicate with their customers, they are available from the links below:

FAQs for motorists on tax disc abolition

Infographic on tax disc abolition

A4 advert on tax disc abolition

FAQs on buying and selling

FAQs on buying and selling for commercial customers

Infographic on tax no longer being transferable