A to Z Guidance List

Abolition of the Paper Counterpart of the Driver Licence

The paper counterpart of the driver licence was abolished on 8 June 2015 as part of the Government's Red Tape Challenge initiative to remove unnecessary administrative burdens on drivers.  The...

Autumn Statement 2015

The Chancellor has made his annual Autumn Statement, and set out the Government's spending plans for the next three year cycle, as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Budget 2016

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has delivered his eighth Budget at the House of Commons, and set out the Government's spending plans.

BVRLA rental members: age policies

To help customers have a wide access to vehicle rental, the BVRLA has collated details of the major rental companies policies for renting vehicles.

BVRLA RISC Online database

If you have been refused a rental due to being on the BVRLA RISC Online database, as a data subject you have the right to find out what information is being held about you under the Data...

Car Rental Research

In 2011 the BVRLA asked transport research body TRL to conduct research into the sustainability credentials of vehicle rental.

Commercial Vehicle & Minibus Code of Conduct

The revised Commercial Vehicle and Minibus Code of Conduct was launched on 15 July 2015, the fifth of five sector-specific codes clarifying standards for the BVRLA’s different types of member.

Company Car Tax Factsheet

The BVRLA urged the Chancellor to use his 2018 Budget statement to energise the take up of plug-in electric vehicles and support the vital role played by the company car.

Connected Vehicles and Data

Harnessing the potential of automotive technology and meeting the demand for a new generation of mobility services will be one of our industry's biggest challenges in coming years.

Driving at work

Employers now have to consider the safety of their employees whilst driving in connection with business and the phrase 'duty of care' has become synonymous with road safety while doing so.