Fact Sheets

Smoking Legislation in the UK

Covers England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland .

Speed Limiters for HGVs and Minibuses

Advice on when speed limiters need to be fixed to HGVs and minibuses

Stop Now Orders

When OFT can stop a company trading due to a serious breach in competition law.

Supply of Number Plate Regulations

How to comply with the number plate regulations

Tachographs for Dual purpose Vehicles

4x4s and vehicles towing trailers.

Taking a Vehicle Abroad

Guidance for members when allowing rented and leased vehicles to be taken abroad.

Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving

Advice on how a mobile phone can be used when driving

V5 at Relicensing

Advice on when a vehicle registration document is required at relicensing.

VAT - Advertising Prices

Guide to how to advertise pricing with VAT to business and individual consumers

VAT Definition of Car Derived Vans and Combination Vans

How to determine whether a car derived van is a car or van for VAT purposes

VAT Fuel Scale Charges

How VAT is recovered from fuel.

VAT Insurance Payments

Advice on the VAT treatment of insurance payments when a vehicle is a total loss

VAT On Early Termination and Bad Debt Relief

Advice on the VAT treatment of early termination payments.

VAT Place of Supply Rules

Rules around which VAT rate is used for the supply of rental vehicles

VE103 - Vehicle on Hire Certificates

The law, purpose of and how to obtain.

VED Refunds

Advice to members on obtaining a VED refund.

VED Taxation Regime

How the vehicle taxation regime works

Vehicle Mileage Database

Advice to members on submitting data to the BVRLA for the vehicle mileage database.

VOSA Access to Annual Test History

Overview of how the service for accessing annual test history works.

VOSA Number Plate Leaflet

How to ensure number plate's are correctly fitted for a MOT test.

Whole Vehicle Type Approval

The new process for commercial vehicles to be approved and used on UK roads.

Working Time Non-Mobile Workers

Guidance on hours of work, rest and breaks for non mobile workers.