Fact Sheets

Driving Licence Entitlement

Including information on entitlements, endorsements and security features.

Emission Testing of Vehicles - RDE and WLTP

Overview of the changes being introduced for new car/van emission testing

Euro 6 for Vehicles

Advice for members renting and leasing vehicles which achieve the new Euro 6 emission standards.

Financial Products Sold at a Distance

Advice on complying with the law when selling financial products at a distance.

Flexible Benefits - Salary Sacrifice Changes

Overview of the changes made to salary sacrifice and flexible benefits in the Finance Bill 2017

Fuel Benefit Charge Tax

Overview of the rules around fuel benefit in kind.

Graduated Fixed Penalty and Deposits

Enforcement powers for VOSA and the Police which will allow them to issue fixed penalties at the road side for a variety of motoring offences, e.g. bald tyres, drivers hours' offences.

HGV Road User Levy fact sheet 594

Overview of the HGV road user levy which is due to be introduced from 1 April 2014

HMRC Vehicle Seizure and Restoration

Advice on the fast track restoration procedure for members whose vehicles are seized due to excise fraud.

Impounding of Illegally Operated Goods Vehicles

Advice to members on the fast track procedures available if a goods vehicle or minibus is impounded.

Insurance Act 2015

Overview of the impact of the Insurance Act 2015 on rental companies

Insurance Mediation

How the Insurance Mediation Directive applies to vehicle rental and leasing firms.

Lease accounting member information sheet

overview of the proposed changes to lease accounting

London Congestion Charging and T-Charge Scheme

Advice on the operation of the London congestion charging and T-Charge Scheme

London Low Emission Zone

Advice on the operation of the London Low Emission Zone

Loss of Use Claims

How to make effective claims.

Money Laundering Regulations

Assistance on compliance with the money laundering regulations

Motor Insurance Database

Advice on how to comply with the regulations around updating the Motor Insurance Database

National Minimum & Living Wages

Current rates for the national minimum and national living wages and when the rates are applicable.

Offences Under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act

Details of the driving offences introduced by this Act.

OFT Guidance for Credit Brokers

Advice for leasing brokers on when commission should be disclosed to customers.

Operator Licensing

For goods vehicles and minibuses.

Personal Injury Claims Process

Details of the timescales and electronic process for members who handle their own claims.

Police Liaison Officers

Current listing of Police liaison officers to contact regarding recovery of your vehicle when it has been impounded.

Pre-Action Debt Protocols

Guidance on the new pre-action debt protocols implemented on 1 October for debt collection.

Reducing Vehicle Recovery and Storage Costs

For vehicles impounded or removed following parking offences.

Release of Customer Data

How customer data can be released to third parties to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Setting up a Rental Company

Guidance on how to set up a new company in the Rental Sector

SME access to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Overview of the changes to be introduced from April 2019 which will allow SMEs to access the Financial Ombudsman Service when they have a dispute.