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The Chancellor has made his annual Autumn Statement, and set out the Government's spending plans for the next three year cycle, as part of the...

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has delivered his summer Budget, the final before the Budget reverts to Autumn.

Ahead of the Budget in March, the BVRLA has called on HM Treasury to treat company car drivers more fairly. ...

Overview of the BVRLA's work in lobbying DVSA on ATFs and fees

As new low emission zones emerge the BVRLA is working closely with Government to set up a national framework for emission standards.

The BVRLA wants to ensure all its members are aware of the work it is doing from meeting with MPs to holding workshops with the DVLA.

The BVRLA has formed an insurance taskforce to tackle the crisis in rising motor accident claims and related motor insurance costs.

The BVRLA's work on reducing the administration burden on members from the DVLA's processes.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has confirmed it is suppressing V5s and launching the View Vehicle Record (VVR) scheme from...