Policy Update

V5C Suppression & View Vehicle Record

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has confirmed it is suppressing V5s and launching the View Vehicle Record (VVR) scheme from April.

V5C suppression means that the V5C registration document can be suppressed, i.e. held by DVLA, until requested by the fleet operator when it is needed. If it is requested, it shall stay with the vehicle unless the V5C suppression is triggered again.

The service offers V5C suppression, taxing facilities and the ability to declare a vehicle off the road. This service is free of charge, available 24/7 and easy to use. Members will be able to download all vehicle data into a spreadsheet.

BVRLA members have already provided useful feedback on how the VVR scheme can be developed further. The DVLA is using this to update the system, which has moved into a private beta test phase for the next few months. Currently, there are 12 companies involved in this test.  

To be eligible to use the system, companies must have 50 or more vehicles and have a fleet code. Under the scheme, members will no longer receive a paper copy of the V5C, and would instead access it on demand on the VVR system. 

The DVLA is asking companies to confirm as soon as possible whether they would like to opt in to V5C suppression, as this will give them plenty of time to ready their systems for this switch.

For example, choosing to suppress paper copies of the V5C will determine whether certain information is displayed as part of a company's access to the DVLA's new online fleet portal.

Information such as vehicle model, type, tax etc. will be accessible whether a rental or leasing company chooses to opt in to the service or not. BVRLA members who do not wish to suppress the V5Cs now can still do so later.

If you would like to opt in or would like further information please contact the DVLA. 

Members with any questions about the V5C suppression or VVR scheme should contact Amanda Brandon or call her on 01494 545701.