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Vehicle Mileage Database

The BVRLA Vehicle Mileage Database aims to reduce vehicle clocking crime and protect consumers. It contains over thirty million mileage records for vehicles disposed of from members’ fleets. Private buyers and traders can access the data through companies including Experian and HPI in order to verify the mileage of a vehicle before purchasing it.
Private buyers and traders
If you have conducted a mileage check on a vehicle and 'BVRLA’ appears on the report, this means that the vehicle was previously owned or operated by a BVRLA member - a rental or leasing company. Please click here for further guidance.
BVRLA Members
There are benefits as a BVRLA member in ensuring your vehicle mileage records are submitted to the BVRLA mileage database – that’s both in-life and disposal mileage data. Please contact Member Services to discuss.