Industry Statistics

This section contains information about BVRLA members and the wider vehicle rental and leasing industry. You will find our annual snapshot of BVRLA members and their fleets, our annual CV Informer survey and a report on the macro-economic impact of the vehicle rental and leasing industry.

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Latest Industry Statistics

Latest data from the BVRLA shows that membership has continued to grow throughout 2017. As the association’s 50th year drew to a close, membership reached 931, with a record fleet size of almost 5 million vehicles – that’s 1-in-8 cars, 1-in-5 vans and 1-in-5 trucks licensed on UK roads.

An increasing number of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) joined the BVRLA and all core membership categories saw a year-on-year increase. The association recruited 77 new members over the course of 2017 and saw a net year-on-year gain of 23 members across all sectors.

Graphics show the impressive growth of the vehicle rental and leasing sector in 2016.

Detailed analysis of the UK commercial vehicle rental and leasing sector, published by Motor Transport

The economic impact of the motor vehicle full-service leasing and rental sector